World's Most
Compact Fold
e-Scooter Ever!

Experience ultimate portability, lightweight and  compact fold innovative design that enables you to take your EKOOter everywhere seamlessly. Single charge should give you up-to 62Miles, which empowers you to travel further.

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Performance Specs

US Model

EU Model

On Single Charge

The Magic Fold 

In Action

EKOOter is the only personal e-Scooter in the marketplace that folds into itself and turns into ring in order to save storage space. It takes only 5 seconds to fold or unfold. This innovative function introduces new level of convenience  and ease of use in last mile transportation and micro mobility.   

Comfortable To Ride

The EKOOter has everything you need to experience freedom and comfort in micro mobility and last mile transportation. 

The 14″ reasonably thick tyres, will enable you to ride through all those country roads comfortably.

Commuting to work?

It’s never been easier to commute from home to work or go on a road trip solely using your EKOOter. The, 10.ah Samsung battery should give you enough power to travel up to 62mi on a single charge.


Take It Anywhere

In a nutshell the EKOOter is designed as your commuting and travel buddy. The innovative folding functions and its lightweight, will enable you to take it anywhere, otrainsbuses and the Boot of your car.


NO pedals NO sweat!



When you are commuting to work, an event, or anywhere else, the last thing you want is to feel sweaty at the end of your commute. We designed EKOOter to be fully electric, to make your journey as comfortable as possible. You can now enjoy your journey without breaking a sweat!

We are taking Bulk orders for  

minimum of 100 pieces!

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